Many years ago, my passion for knife making began and having started on very crude and simple machines, it was the integration of grinders from Rob and the folks at Beaumont Metalworks, that really started to give me the confidence to chase the dream full time.


I am in my shop every day now and not a day goes by that I am not using one of my four grinders that I now have in my operations. I get folks in the shop all the time that are more intrigued at the design and beauty of these pieces of equipment than they are with the actual knives that are made on them. I put hours upon hours of time on each one of them and they still work as good today as they did the day I unpacked them. The real gem in my dealings with Beaumont however has been their customer service.


Whether its a simple question or a complex wiring question, they are always ready to help and truly allow me to spend more time at my craft than tinkering with machines. My suggestion to anyone getting started in this craft, whether from a hobby or professional standpoint, would be to save your money and buy the best first. There's only one place I have found to do this and its Beaumont Metalworks. Their grinders really are works of art! I look forward to my next purchase as I continue to expand my shop! Many thanks Rob...couldn't chase this dream of mine without you guys!

- Chris Williams 
Williams Knife Co.

We LOVE our KMG, and the only problem I have in writing this is that I don't know where to begin because the KMG has advanced nearly every production process at Gramercy Tools - from finishing to shaping - it's the most important tool in the shop. It gets used more often, and for more operations than the multi-tool I carry in my pocket.


We have a single KMG in our shop which is used about 50/50 for shaping operations/surface finishing. We produce small batches of high end hand wood working tools, typically around 50 pieces at a go. Keeping set up time between operations, or abrasive grits to a minimum helps us keep our costs down. Also, the KMG is easy to fixture to, and our custom fixtures have allow us to add details and features that previously required a mill or lathe.


For surface finishing, it's nice to have the range of options the KMG offers - platten, slack belt, work rest, contact wheel, small radius contact wheel. Properly fitting the abrasive to the tool being produced allows us use a more aggressive belt to remove scale, machine marks, or scratches, before the switch to finer grits to get the part ready for final finishing. This quickly gives us the crisp edges we're looking for, as opposed to the "soft" look imparted by coarse grit compound and a buffing wheel. Our KMG has replaced a lot of the operations we used to do on our buffer, because we can more accurately control the shape of the finished piece, and deliver a more consistent product at a lower scrap rate. The guys on the shop floor appreciate how easy it is to switch between belts, and switch out tooling arms when compared to dressing, charging, and balancing buffs and abrasives wheels on the buffer.


Many of the operations we do in our shop add a cosmetic detail to a part such as a radius, or a chamfer along a curve. Before we bought our KMG we typically thought of these as machine operations, either CNC or fixtured on a manual machine. Increasingly we have found it to be easier, and faster ( read: CHEAPER) to use custom shop made fixtures on the KMG to add these details. Part of the reason for this is how easy it is to design fixtures for the KMG, and how quickly they can be mounted and removed. At first we figured we would just buy a new tooling arm for each operation, but honestly, its so quick to slide custom work rests on and off ( we replaced the bolts with adjustable handles ) or bolt a fixture into the platten attachment that we haven't found the need. The bombproof construction of the machine keeps tolerances tight and repeatable, so we don't have to adjust our set up half way through a batch.


The KMG allows us flexibility and creativity in our production processes and has changed the way we produce our tools to the benefit of our customers, our shop employees and our bottom line.

- Ben Seltzer
Production Manager Gramercy Tools
Tools for Working Wood

I have had a KGM 1 for over ten years. It gets used almost every day, and has performed flawlessly. I use it for sharpening knives and cuticle nippers. I had you add a second fiber wheel in addition to the belt on the left side for polishing the cuticle nippers. Cuticle nippers are very small and need a very stable grinding surface, which I get from the KGM. Your machine is installed in my truck and with all the vibration and bumps in the road still works perfectly.

- Sidney Rubinstein

I have made my living making knives and swords full time since 1987. For me quality, versatility and servicablity is most important in my machinery. I am a Beaumont grinder shop, it’s the only brand I have. I can do about anything but tie my shoes with these grinders. Customer service is always tops and quick even though the only time I ever need to call them is to order a new grinder since mine has lasted for years.

- Jerry Fisk
Master Bladesmith
National Living Treasure

I have the pleasure of owning several machines from Beaumont Metal Works. Undoubtedly, Beaumont's grinders have helped me produce better work while saving time and money The belt tracking is Superior to any machine I ave 
used and the ease of changing work attachments are first class.


I've been a loyal customer for many years and can't say enough about the first class customer service from the fine people at Beaumont Metal Works.


- JR Cook
ABS Mastersmith
Arkansas Living Treasure designated by the Arkansas Heritage Commission

The KMG belt grinder kicks serious ass! Bottom line it's the most rugged and most versatile belt grinder we found in the market !!! 


Our motorcycle projects just wouldn't be the same with out it.  Beaumont metal works is the truth ! 

- Eddie Trotta 
Thunder Cycle design

One HAPPY customer here!!! It's taken me a few weeks to carve out some time to get my grinder put together, but it is now complete. All I can say is WOW!!! This thing is a BEAST and ready for years of knife making .

Thanks again,
Matt Stratemann

Received my KMG-PL a few days ago and just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with the quality of your machine. To start off the packaging was sturdy and protected the grinder perfectly. The grinder itself is a refined BEAST! So smooth and precise yet built like a tank. It's really quite elegant in it's simplicity.


Everything works perfectly on my machine right out of the box. I paired it up with a 240V 2 hp motor with 3 step pulleys and mounted it to a portable stand. The whole thing is rock solid. Truly an amazing tool especially considering the made in China, throw it away when it breaks society we live in.

Octavio Perez

The grinder arrived last week, in fine shape. I've only used it briefly so far, but it has already proved invaluable and a wise investment. Thanks for an outstanding product - the quality of the design and workmanship testify to the pride you folks take in your work.


Best wishes,